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Andreia is a versatile keynote speaker, who will leave your audience feeling awed and inspired.
Fernandes is agile, speaks in various languages and draws on her vast experience to deliver powerful talks authentically. She covers topics on leadership and strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, personal growth, gender equality, and more.

What does it take to be a good leader? Which strategies can take your company to the next level? And what impact will megatrends such as gender equality and digitalization have on leadership?

Andreia draws on her experience in the corporate world and as an entrepreneurial coach to tackle these big questions. Actively engaging in the start-up ecosystem, acting as an angel investor as well as her advisory board positions, make her knowledgeable about the most current challenges and trends in leadership & strategy.

What does it take to become an entrepreneur? How do you stay ahead of the game in a forever changing business world? What challenges are you faced with? And how do those challenges differ for women?

Andreia draws on her experience as a serial entrepreneur and Founder – to talk about embracing the opportunities entrepreneurship has to offer and how you can overcome hurdles you are bound to face – especially as a female entrepreneur.

How is failure perceived within your company? Is it ok to admit that something went wrong and own up to it? And what does a Dinosaur have to do with it?

Andreia developed the Dinosaur principle, a methodology and framework on how to cope with failure in a constructive, productive and growth-oriented way – a structured approach, which has proven to be successful both at an individual and at a team level. This approach was featured in the book Psychology of Entrepreneurship published by Springer Verlag.

Portfolio careers are gaining in popularity and with side-hustles becoming a rapid new trend, we might just see the traditional practice of holding one job vanish as well as current automation and digitalization trends turning linear careers into something utopic.

Andreia is ahead of the game, already holding several high tier roles and managing to make them work to her advantage. She’s designed her life to optimally accommodate family, work and personal wellbeing.

“You don’t have to just be or do one thing. My different roles allow me to combine different perspectives to cultivate success.”

Andreia lives the legacy that personal growth should be a life-long journey and is determined to pass the message on. Whether it’s in our careers or private lives – we should never stop improving, learning new skills, switching up our habits and developing new talents.

Andreia’s incredibly personal TEDx talk on how her experience with domestic violence shaped her life goes to show where determination and hard work can get you and how you can turn adverse circumstances around.

Keynote Speaking Career

Andreia’s breakthrough as a Keynote Speaker came with her incredibly honest Ted talk, based on her experience with domestic violence in childhood. A tabu topic often left not talked about.

“My initial approach to this talk was more fact and figure driven, but I knew that if I wanted to get a message across – I had to make it personal.”

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