Andreia is passionate about learning, teaching, and education. Her first teaching experience was a voluntary position teaching accounting for an NGO in Morocco when she was 19 years old.

Throughout the last ten years, she has lectured in: marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership and strategy related lessons at various top business schools, start-up incubators and other organizations across Europe and America.

She has coached and supervised more than thirty students in writing their Bachelor and Master Thesis and is, therefore, continuously in touch with the latest academic findings.

When you become master in something it is time to start as a student at something else. Chinese Proverb.

Andreia’s passion for education comes with her hunger for knowledge. She loves books and reflective self-learning, but as a rather bad auto didact ? she also very much enjoys participating at workshops, lectures as well as trying new formats and master mind groups. Education is one of the best means of power and only through learning can we as individuals and as a society grow and get better. Having recognized this, Andreia invests a considerable fraction of her time and money every year in keeping herself UpToDate as well as learning new skills.
It is this continuous cycle of learning that enables her to often connect the dots with different variables in solving challenges for her clients or identifying relevant trends.
The list of courses and degrees she holds is a work in progress, below you can see an exerpt of the most relevant topics:

  • Career Coaching Module, CoachingPlus

  • Design Thinking Course, University of St. Gallen

  • Executive Programme for Sustainable Entrepreneurs, Stanford University, CA

  • Certificate of advanced studies( CAS) in Consumer Behavior, HWZ Zürich

  • Dale Carnegie, Certification to Dale Carnegie Trainer

  • Impact Investing, Course at University of St. Gallen

  • Fundraising Course at ZHAW School of Management, Winterthur

  • Angel Investing, various seminars & webinars within Go Beyond Investment Network

  • Applied Coaching, Certified GPI Coach, Course at Coachingplus Kloten

  • Introductory Seminar to Board of Directors, Course at IFZ Zug, University of Lucerne

  • Entrepreneurship Module with Prof. Thierry Volery, Course at University of St. Gallen

  • Start-up Board of Director Certificate, Course at EPFL Innovation Center Lausanne

  • MBA at University of St. Gallen & ESADE Barcelona in part-time, Final thesis: “Marketing Innovation in Medical Devices Start-ups”

    “High Potential Women in Business” Scholarship 20´000 CHF for

  • Bachelor in Business Administration with Major in International Management at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW Winterthur incl. 2 Exchange Semesters in Israel

    Thesis: “Good meal – good deal? The impact of business meals in the intercultural context”

“Being in the shoes of a student myself so often is what makes me a better lecturer” Andreia says. And her students confirm this, by adding that she emphasizes on making learning an enjoyable process and always reminds her students of the ultimate purpose of learning.

She is also author and contributes to creation of exams on national level.

Her versatile and constructive attitude is also an asset at her various functions from Advisory Board Member through to Coach or consultant. Her Knowhow is appreciated by her clients and partners alike.

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